New bags Coming Soon!


Hi Everyone! I have decided to start a blog on all things creative and inspiring in my life. I love to share everything I know with people who are in my life but I also know that as a younger creative girl I was scared to ask...Why? How? Help?


  As most of you know I have been using #createandinspire on my creative endeavors in Instagram for years. So that will be my blog name as I think it best describes the life I am living. I am not quite sure if I will post daily, weekly or somewhere in between but I am committed to this process.


   Today I would like to talk about the transition I am going through with my bag line. I had a huge life changing experience in January thanks to my friends Sheri, Rob and Greg, as we took a day trip out to Farm Sanctuary in Acton, CA. Farm Sanctuary, their animals and all of their stories changed my life and I have not eaten a bite of meat since that day. 


   Now you see my dilemma as I am a LEATHER bag Designer, Oh man, what's a girl to do? I could not see buying hides of leather after having my heart touched by these beautiful animals. I have been on the search for great Vegan Leathers, it is a lot harder than you think! I have investigated Cork, Pineapple Leather (Pinatex), Mushroom Leather (Muskin) and others, I am trying to figure out my best route. I really want to make this change and I feel it is a space in the fashion market that needs to be filled!


   I know this is one of those times when I have to say to myself, "Baby Steps, Allison, Baby steps". I am Still selling off my bags I have in stoc k and I am going to use all of the leather in my studio oil its gone as to be sure not to waste it. My next step is Up-Cycling, yes.... using already made leather goods to make some leather bags for my clients that love leather. There are so many ways to make everyone happy without harming any more Animals. I am so excited and have a renewed love for my designs and making really cool and eco-friendly, cruelty free bad ass bags!


Thanks for reading and go live your best life,



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