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A true child of the 70's, Allison Burns first showed a passion for design as a young girl growing up in New York. Allison grew up around fashion, her Grandfather created lace and trims for all of the high-end clothing companies based out of NYC. Her mother was always sewing and making the cutest designs for all 3 of her daughters. 
She started sewing at age 11, creating her own versions of her favorite designers pieces. She then moved from the city to the beaches of Southern California, where her creative visions expanded. Throughout the next few decades, being bi-coastal, she thrived in the  Hollywood and the East Villages art and music scenes, rubbing elbows and creating with Rockstars, Drag Queens and others. Her experiences molded her and defined her as the Artist she is today.

Allison has worked for 14 years as a celebrity make up artist, then made the decision to launch her bag line in the Spring of 2000, convinced by her client Jillian Barberie to do so. It was only a matter of time before many of her celebrity and musician clients also noticed Allison's designs and started requesting their own pieces. A segment on "Style File" followed shortly after, and the orders came flooding in. Her make up clients soon became enthusiasts about Allison's line, including people as Kelly Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Cate Blachett, Cameron Diaz and Debbie Harry just to name a few. Also Rockstars like Rob Zombie, Zakk Wylde, Dave Navarro, Michael Stipe and Perry Farrell all own pieces custom made by Allison.

Custom designs are a part of Allison's Collections these days too. Custom making bags for Red Carpets or celebrities, and clothing for stage for her rockstar clients. She has designed collaborative collections for Bergdorf Goodman, Bebe and Isetan Japan.

The company started in 1999, in Allisons home with a handful of retailers and is now carried in boutiques and stores Worldwide, bags like the "Faithfull" have inspired a nearly obsessive cult following. Her bags combine glamour and the cool designs of her rock and roll inspirations and personal style. Allison lives by the Andy Warhol quote "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."Her Collection is constantly changing and evolving, while maintaining the relaxed elegance Allison's bags are known for.

In 2023, Allison relaunched her iconic Faithfull bag and has since launched an entire line for all genders. She has a new pasion for her business and a new love for design. She has honored her mother, her best friend and biggest supporter, who passed in early 2023, with the Joan's no coincidence that it selling off the shelves with the energy Allison puts into all of her pieces.

Allison values peace and serenity, but still considers herself a Rock chick at heart. "Look good, Feel good" Allison says, and her designs embody this philosophy. Los Angeles is now her home but Allison draws inspiration from all around the world, music and art. 

Allison and her mother, Barbara Joan